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I'd never been off-road before, but Jonathan was excited. He's been doing this since he was a kid.  So off we went into the red dust and dirt, up over boulders I didn't know a vehicle could climb. Off the beaten path, away from the mainstream and mundane.  The views we found out there on the trail were incredible and unforgettable. It was like taking a trip to another planet. Did we find a portal to mars? Sometimes we were surrounded by canyons, other times rounded knobby boulders as big as your house for as far as the eye could see. Sometimes we see things or people in the rock formations around us in the same way you can see things in the clouds.  Other places have arches everywhere you look.  Maybe those are the portals to other dimensions.  It's wild out there, desolate, inspiring, and incredibly beautiful.


We would be honored to share this wild world with you. If you dare.


Take a tour in America's symbol of freedom and military strength: the humvee. It's like a ride on the American spirit. Humdinger Tours provides hummer tours in military surplus humvees that have been customized for your comfort and safety while traversing steep angled slickrock, sandstone, and taking you to view the spectacular landscapes that draw people from all over the world.








Jonathan & Heather Taft

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Jonathan & Heather Taft


After six months of dating, Jonathan proposed to me atop the tallest mountain in Germany on the border of Austria. Jonathan jokingly says he took me up to 10,000ft so my brain would be oxygen deprived enough to say, "yes." The view was obstructed that day by clouds but cleared for just a moment right after I agreed to marry him.  It was a beautiful moment we will never forget.  In keeping with our love of adventure and because Jonathan knew how much I loved Moab, he planned our honeymoon here.  A one week visit was all it took for Jonathan to fall in love with the landscapes that dramatically change depending on which way you travel and all Moab has to see, explore and experience.


We love traveling.  We love spending time outside. We love Moab. Not long ago we were just like you: planning a visit to Moab and trying to stretch our dollars to make the most and best memories we could in the few days we would be around.   We had to visit the nearby national parks. We had to do some rafting on the Colorado. We wanted to go horseback riding too.  We hiked out to see the delicate arch. But most important,  we definitely had to do some off-roading!





When I first visited Moab on my honeymoon, the landscape, the possibilities, everything about it captivated me.  Ever since, I've been working my way back, and I'm honored to share my Moab, the authentic Moab with everyone daring enough to experience true adventure.

- Jonathan Taft, Owner

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